​A new milestone in acute stroke treatment

6000 4000 Camilla Norrmén, PhD

Two recent studies have prompted the American Heart Association (AHA) to change their guidelines on early stroke management, extending the window of emergency stroke treatment up to 24 hours. Two randomized…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: A conversation with Prof. Till Sprenger

150 150 Lutz Achtnichts, MD

I had the chance to meet up with Professor Sprenger at ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS in Paris last week. We discussed the TEMSO study, which has been evaluating the long-term treatment effect of teriflunomide…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: A conversation with Dr Tanuja Chitnis

150 150 Lutz Achtnichts, MD

Children and adolescents living with MS face physical and cognitive disability that can severely limit their ability to perform daily activities, such as attending school. During the recent ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS meeting…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: Updates to safety of ocrelizumab in pregnancy still “ongoing” after new analysis

898 599 Peter Stevenson, PhD

An update on pregnancy outcomes following ocrelizumab (OCR) treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases was delivered at this year’s joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS meeting, held 25-28 October…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: Teriflunomide for multiple sclerosis: is it safe in pregnancy?

898 506 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Friday’s programme at the ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS meeting in Paris played host to an exploration of pregnancy outcomes in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients treated with teriflunomide –  a once-daily oral immunomodulator approved…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: Phase III data EXPAND on siponimod for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

898 506 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Data presented at the recent 7th joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS meeting in Paris delved deeper into the efficacy of siponimod in the treatment of secondary progressive MS (SPMS). As Robert Fox (Mellen…

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ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS: OBOE study explores biomarkers of neurodegeneration and inflammation in multiple sclerosis

1920 1080 Peter Stevenson, PhD

The development and characterisation of biomarkers in multiple sclerosis (MS) could be a crucial step in understanding disease pathways, as well as the therapeutic mechanisms of disease-modifying treatments. So was…

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​Diabetes drug may benefit high-risk stroke patients

4064 2710 Camilla Norrmén, PhD

A study showed last year that the insulin-sensitizing drug pioglitazone reduces the risk for stroke in patients with recent ischemic strokes. A new secondary analysis of the trial results found…

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​NAVIGATE ESUS: Rivaroxaban vs aspirin study terminated due to comparable efficacy

2992 2000 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Early discontinuation has been announced for the Phase III NAVIGATE ESUS study – led by Bayer AG and its development partner Janssen Research & Development, LLC – which had been…

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Trends in Headache Medicine

1920 1080 Rachel Park, MA
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