MS treatment strategy: Hitting hard and early, or minimising risks through stepwise escalation?

1969 1525 Mea Holm, PhD

With more than a dozen approved treatment options for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), treatment decision making is an increasingly complex task for neurologists. At ECTRIMS 2018, the topic on which…

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3 minutes with Prof. Goadsby – Interview from SNG

150 150 Rachel Park, MA

Professor Peter Sandor interviewed Professor Peter Goadsby at the SNG Annual Meeting this week in Montreux, Switzerland. They spoke about one of the top leading causes of disability–migraine. Watch the…

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Paralysis patients able to walk after epidural stimulation

3016 1900 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Patients with complete lower limb paralysis after spinal cord injury (SCI) have been given the ability to walk again, it was reported this week. In work published in Nature Medicine,…

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Quarterly migraine injection approved in US

2885 1900 Peter Stevenson, PhD

The US FDA has approved a new humanised monoclonal antibody for migraine prevention in adults. Fremanezumab-vfrm – under the brand name AJOVYTM (Teva Pharmaceuticals) – prevents the interaction between calcitonin…

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Gut feelings on MS: A conversation with Prof. Pot

2359 1740 Mea Holm, PhD

How does the gut–brain axis influence neuro-inflammation and the disease course of MS? Although we know that gut homeostasis and gut functions are closely related to food intake, we want…

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Sex hormones and their impact on migraines

2663 1800 Peter Stevenson, PhD

New understanding of the causation of migraines has led experts one step closer to identifying why females are 2–3 times more susceptible to migraines than males. A review from the…

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Religion and the brain

2696 1800 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Study of the neuroscientific impact of religion, neurotheology, is gathering new momentum in understanding just how belief in a higher power could correlate with profound neuropsychological effects. In recent studies,…

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World’s first MRI-compatible robot developed for bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery

1600 1018 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Mechanical engineers and surgeons at Hong Kong University (HKU) have designed the first neurosurgical robot capable of performing stereotactic neurosurgery inside an MRI scanner. The innovative breakthrough will be employed…

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Deep brain stimulation effective in early Parkinson’s tremors

1600 1067 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) could slow the progression of tremors in Parkinson’s disease (PD), according to new data from a pilot trial.1 Researchers at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville,…

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Headaches and new ways to crush them

1800 1195 Mea Holm, PhD

At the ‘conference highlights’ session of the 2018 EAN meeting, Professor Isabel Pavão Martins presented a summary of the most groundbreaking research in the field of migraine. This highly burdensome…

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