Thought-controlled prosthetic limbs could be in reach

3446 2300 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Improvements in the way in which neural activity is mapped could be an important step towards thought-controlled body augmentations such as prosthetic limbs, researchers at the Neural Prosthetics Translational Laboratory…

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man speaking

Machine-learning algorithm predicts psychosis from speech

3150 2100 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Algorithms designed to find hidden clues within everyday language can predict those at risk of developing psychosis, a new study reports. Using machine learning, researchers from the Department of Psychology…

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Acting fast on atrial fibrillation

2800 2100 Carlotta Foletti, PhD

Early detection of atrial fibrillation – the next breakthrough in health and wearable technology? Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with Apple Inc., just announced plans to investigate the use of…

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