Neurological disease burden in Europe: A new analysis calling for action

2560 1709 Anna Stelling, PhD

The Global Burden of Diseases (GBD) Study 2015 has drawn attention to the substantial and increasing health burden of neurological diseases worldwide.1 In order to adjust public health and disease…

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Chili proving a hot topic in cognitive decline

3150 2100 Peter Stevenson, PhD

A large study across China has uncovered that eating spicy foods increases the risk of dementia, further calling into question the pertinent links between diet and cognitive function. The China Health and…

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Serum NfL levels shine a light on neuroaxonal damage and disease

4089 2300 Michael Furrer, PhD

The 5th Annual Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) in Oslo, Norway, featured an in-depth exploration of the role of neurofilament light chain (NfL) protein levels as a…

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man speaking

Machine-learning algorithm predicts psychosis from speech

3150 2100 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Algorithms designed to find hidden clues within everyday language can predict those at risk of developing psychosis, a new study reports. Using machine learning, researchers from the Department of Psychology…

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‘Leaky’ blood vessels linked to Alzheimer’s

3500 2333 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Leaky blood vessels in the brain appear to be a driver of cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease, a new study reports. The research, published in Nature Medicine, followed 161 older…

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Opticians could keep a closer eye on dementia

2704 1800 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Routine retinal tests performed by opticians could help to identify those at risk of developing dementia, a new study reports. The scans – normally used to evaluate the integrity of…

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‘Big Bang’ of Alzheimer’s points to the origin of the disease

1600 1067 Peter Stevenson, PhD

New research has discovered the precise point at which a healthy protein becomes toxic, offering a window into the very beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The study, led by scientists…

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Preclinical Alzheimer’s unlikely to lead to dementia, new study reports

1200 829 Peter Stevenson, PhD

New data from a multi-study analysis has unveiled that preclinical Alzheimer’s disease (AD) will not lead to severe dementia in the majority of cases. The paper marks the first time…

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Machine learning offers automated diagnosis in stroke and dementia

1200 800 Peter Stevenson, PhD

Researchers have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify a key cause of dementia and stroke – and with stunning accuracy – a new study reports. Created by…

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