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Integrative medicine for multiple sclerosis: Outcomes from the Inspire MS program

5692 3201 Howard Donohue, PhD

A growing body of evidence suggests that integrative medicine (IM) modalities can enhance the comprehensive care of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Thirty to eighty…

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To stay or to switch? Assessing long-term treatment outcomes and impact of treatment on patients’ quality of life

6641 3734 Howard Donohue, PhD

The main concerns of patients, regarding their treatment, include disease control and safety, but they also want to make sure that their day-to-day life remains…

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Speaking to Prof. Barbara Tettenborn – “You have to love what you do, otherwise you are not good”

1500 1001 Anna Stelling, PhD

Prof. Barbara Tettenborn is the chief of the Department of Neurology at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Switzerland since 1999. In addition to her position…

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New guidelines for the use of MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis

1000 665 Anna Stelling, PhD

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) is a well-established tool for diagnostic, prognostic and disease monitoring purposes.1 Its use has been…

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The female stroke: Sex differences affect stroke presentation and management

1000 562 Shawn Haigh

Women have a unique experience when it comes to stroke. Several differences between the sexes exist in stroke; in the epidemiology of the disease, clinical…

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Dopamine in stroke rehabilitation – Where do we stand?

1000 562 Anna Stelling, PhD

During this year’s “Stroke Summer School 2021” in Basel, Switzerland, Stefan Engelter (Stroke Unit, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland) provided an overview of what is known…

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Lipids and stroke: An update

950 535 Anna Stelling, PhD

During this year’s “Stroke Summer School 2021” in Basel, Switzerland, Gian Marco De Marchis (Stroke Unit, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland) provided an overview of the…

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Journal watch: Can seizure risk in focal epilepsy be forecasted?

1500 1000 Anna Stelling, PhD

The Background The unpredictability of spontaneous seizures is a major burden for epilepsy patients, affecting their independence, safety and psychological wellbeing. In recent years, several…

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Diabetes and Parkinson’s – shared mechanism, same treatment?

2560 1707 Anna Stelling, PhD

Recent evidence suggests that there exists a close link between type 2 diabetes mellitus and Parkinson’s disease. It has been shown that the risk of…

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Understanding seizure cyclicity: Possible benefits for epilepsy management?

2000 1334 Shawn Haigh

Over millennia, humans have tried to unveil the mechanisms behind epileptic seizure cyclicity.1 Despite patients with epilepsy often experiencing seizures at consistent times of the…

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Journal watch: The long-term effects of COVID-19

1248 832 Shawn Haigh

The Background The acute clinical manifestations of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have been well established. Looking beyond this acute setting, reports have suggested that some…

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