3 minutes with Prof. Goadsby - Interview from SNG

3 minutes with Prof. Goadsby – Interview from SNG

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Professor Peter Sandor interviewed Professor Peter Goadsby at the SNG Annual Meeting this week in Montreux, Switzerland. They spoke about one of the top leading causes of disability–migraine. Watch the interview to listen to Prof. Goadsby’s insights on new, game-changing migraine treatments.

To hear more about trends in headache medicine from Prof. Goadsby, check out this webinar. To learn more about CGRP treatments, read our previous articles here, herehere and here.

Prof. Sandor is President of the Swiss Headache Society and the chief neurologist at the RehaClinic Zurzach, in Baden, Switzerland. Prof. Sandor also serves as a member of the Brainwork scientific advisory board.

Prof. Goadsby is a neurologist and professor at King’s College, London. He is on the board of directors for the American Headache Society and the American Migraine Foundation.


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