​80-year track record of neurosurgical success

​80-year track record of neurosurgical success

1600 1605 Jared Ou-Young, MSc

The UniversitätsSpital Zürich (USZ) reaches a milestone anniversary in 2017. From humble beginnings to now being one of the top-teaching institutions in Europe, USZ continues to lead and pioneer innovations in vascular, skull base, epilepsy and neuro-oncological surgery.

It all began in 1937 when a neuro-surgeon by the name of Hugo Krayenbühl was charged with the opportunity to establish a new 12-bed neurosurgical clinic in Zurich. He brought 15 years of experience and his very own surgical instruments purchased in London. Renowned by his colleagues as one who preferred to operate at night and was meticulous for detail, he rapidly increased the number of diagnostic and surgical interventions performed at the unit. Building upon the mantra of dedication to patients, neuroscience, interdisciplinary work, intellectual exchange and an inherent “pioneering spirit”, Krayenbühl and his distinguished predecessors at USZ have continually set the standard in neurosurgical patient care.

Fast-forward to the 2000’s and transcranial MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound surgery, 3D endoscopy and intraoperative CT imaging exist in what is a newly defined “neurosurgery 3.0” for years to come.

To continue to delve in to the achievements and success of USZ, click here for an in-depth account of how this trajectory was set from 1937.


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